Constellation Employee Resource Groups

Empowering our employees to help create meaningful change, connect with our communities, and ensure equal opportunity.

At Constellation, Diversity, Equity & Inclusion is powered by our employees—their passion and pride, readiness to stand together, and desire to create change. Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) are where our employees can put those strengths to work.

These employee-run groups at our companies across the country provide employees an outlet to share experiences, receive support from colleagues, and move us all forward in ensuring a diverse and inclusive culture.

ABLE: We provide the support, resources, and community needed by our employees and their loved ones to achieve success and inclusion through education and a culture of respect for people with disabilities.

4A: We work to ensure that African-Americans are given opportunities to develop and succeed at all levels, thus improving recruitment, retention and overall company success.

AARG: We seek to empower Asian American professionals within Constellation, knowing that when they reach their potential, it also benefits our customers, company and community.

CLN: We serve as an invaluable resource, designed for sharing knowledge and promoting the growth—both personal and professional—of our participants and of all Constellation employees.

CMAC: We support the veterans in our ranks by creating a positive workplace and committing to all phases of their careers—recruitment, promotion, engagement, and retention.

We offer a forum where employees feel encouraged and empowered to be proudly out at work and can share strategies for building professional relationships.

We lead, support and coordinate the many environmentally aware individuals in our companies, inspiring them to form sustainable, carbon-reducing behaviors.

CWN: We strive to give women of all races, orientations, and diverse backgrounds what we need to succeed in our professional and personal lives—the right support and resources.

DYP: We ensure that our participants develop, grow and learn about our various business groups, through valuable exposure to Constellation's more experienced professionals.

Our mission is to provide an open forum with opportunities to interact and share cultural experiences of underrepresented, multi-cultural, multi-nationality Constellation sanctioned employee interest groups.

If you're interested in learning more about our initiatives, email us at [email protected].