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Constellation operates in a world rich in diversity including, among other things, race, ethnicity, religious belief and practice, gender identification, sexual orientation, disability, life experience, age, socioeconomic status, experience and thought. We are committed to creating an inclusive and diverse workplace that is welcoming to all, with a strong sense of belonging and connection to the communities in which we operate.

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Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Strategy

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Workforce Development

Workforce Development

Focus on elevating career awareness, fostering equitable access, and advancing skills of workers who are currently underrepresented in the energy sector.

Business Diversity

Business Diversity

Create a supply chain that enables, equips, and empowers diverse businesses, including small businesses, to thrive in our marketplaces.

Talent Sourcing

Talent Sourcing

Source talent with an enhanced focus on diverse populations through relationships, technology, and inclusive practices.

Equity and Belonging

Equity and Belonging

Eliminate barriers to participation and create opportunities for all employees by establishing a culture of inclusion and belonging.

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion and Workforce Development

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Diversity, Equity & Inclusion and Workforce Development

DEI Engagement

Employee Resource Groups, Leadership Councils, and DEI/Workforce Development Communities of Practice that enable talent to pursue career aspirations, offer a space to exchange experiences, and foster an inclusive culture.

Pay Equity

Annual review on gender and racial pay equality. We also examine hiring and promotion processes to prevent unconscious bias and integrate equal pay efforts into wider company-wide equity initiatives.

Trades Participation

Collaboration and engagement with various trade groups and local vocational schools to provide access and opportunities for populations with historically low representation in the energy sector. Public commitment to this work through the Building Trades Diversity pledge with our union and industry partners.

Nuclear Career Awareness

Investments in educational programs, energy industry curriculum, and barrier reduction efforts across local community organizations and schools serving underserved and underrepresented communities.

DEI Performance Goal

Managers and employees have individual DEI performance goals to ensure accountability for advancing DEI within our business.

Constellation Scholars

Partnerships across the country to provide scholarships specifically aimed at students with diverse backgrounds or from undeserved communities looking to pursue careers in STEM.

Powering Change

Our $1 million investment with five nonprofit organizations focused on improving job awareness and training, providing advancement, and upskilling opportunities and breaking down employment barriers for individuals from underrepresented communities.

Association Partnership & Alliance

Support local and national associations or organizations dedication to professional development, community engagement and advocacy for diverse populations.

DEI Advisory Board

Cross-functional group to advise on DEI strategy and provide oversight and accountability for achieving our DEI goals.

DEI Involvement

Ongoing training from new hires to executives, experiential learning and DEI Webinar Series on emerging topics. DEI education resources such as DEI Moments, Meeting in Box, and videos are available to employee on our intranet site.

Energy Industry Curriculum

Partnerships across the country to provide scholarships specifically aimed at students with diverse backgrounds or from undeserved communities looking to pursue careers in STEM.


Holistic engagement with educational institutions, Historically Black Colleges (HBCUs), Hispanic Serving Institutions (HSIs) and minority-serving institutions to improve diversity within STEM majors.

Employee Resource Groups



We provide the support, resources, and community needed by our employees and their loved ones to achieve success and inclusion through education and a culture of respect for people with disabilities.


Alliance For African American Advancement

We work to ensure that African-Americans are given opportunities to develop and succeed at all levels, thus improving recruitment, retention and overall company success.


Asian American Resource Group

We seek to empower Asian American professionals within Constellation, knowing that when they reach their potential, it also benefits our customers, company and community.


Constellation Latino Network

We serve as an invaluable resource, designed for sharing knowledge and promoting the growth—both personal and professional—of our participants and of all Constellation employees.


Constellation Military Actively Connected

We support the veterans in our ranks by creating a positive workplace and committing to all phases of their careers—recruitment, promotion, engagement, and retention.



We offer a forum where employees feel encouraged and empowered to be proudly out at work and can share strategies for building professional relationships.


Constellation Women's Network

We strive to give women of all races, orientations, and diverse backgrounds what we need to succeed in our professional and personal lives—the right support and resources.


Developing Young Professionals

We ensure that our participants develop, grow and learn about our various business groups, through valuable exposure to Constellation's more experienced professionals.



Our mission is to provide an open forum with opportunities to interact and share cultural experiences of underrepresented, multi-cultural, multi-nationality Constellation sanctioned employee interest groups.

DEI Recognition

Featured Positions

Employee Resources

We provide support, resources and educational opportunities to all employees.

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